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To My Darling Daughter...

To my darling daughter days before 1 ✨

On day one you raised your little head up on my chest not moments after you had breathed life - you were such a strong but tiny little newborn. This strength has been the most defining trait of your personality so far. ✨

At 4 months you would make your way from one side of the room to the other. How? We have no idea, you weren't crawling yet but you did it every time we put you down. ✨
You said 'mumma' first but 'dadda' soon became your favourite and only word. You have now added TA and BYE BYE to your vocab which speaks volumes about your little personality - you often wave and say it to me (presumably when I'm too close). ✨

Anyone who knows you well, knows that you are a pint sized adventurer that was ready to take off and explore your surroundings from the moment you were able to wiggle your toes. This has helped me to lose the 15kgs I gained as my body created your little life. ✨

At 1, you love playing in the water - at the beach, in the pool, with your little water table in our backyard and of course, the bath. You have no fear of the ocean. It's terrifying how much you want to leap from my arms. ✨ 

You love tomato, scrambled eggs, beans, carrot chips, yoghurt and berry smoothies. Tonight you devoured some of my spicy mie goreng noodles before I could stop you and then you went back for more.✨

You play peek a boo and chasey with your dad every night he's home. When he's away with his FIFO job, you never seem to laugh as much at this game, but I do try. You look at both of us to make you giggle late in the afternoon. And we do. Tickles, raspberries and sometimes just funny faces and loud noises. Lots of hiding behind couches. ✨

You go go go, and you don't look back for approval, you just charge straight ahead and do your thang and it scares the crap out of me because I just want to hold you tight and not let you go....BUT....this is a trait we hope you take with you for the rest of your life. ✨

You are such a delight and in your first 12 months you have brightened our world, filled our hearts and terrified us beyond measure. ✨
Love Mumumumumuma ?

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