Poo Explosion

Today I visited my specialist to discuss the IVF process that we hope to begin again soon for baby number 2.  This bathroom selfie is post poo explosion all over mummy's white dress? Normally I would be horrified and need to rush out and change, HOWEVER, this appointment is important and I know that despite my little 'teething, almost 1 year old' terrorising the patients by trying to chew on their shoes coupled with the large poo stain on my dress, I'm also the lucky one sitting in the waiting room. I have a baby girl. I remember 24 months prior sitting in this same room surrounded by pregnant women or those with little ones running around wreaking havoc and I was so envious, so wanting that chaos for myself and so incredibly hopeful that I too would one day have it. Nothing like a bit of perspective to make you secretly love the fact that you get a chance to have a poo stain from your baby on your dress today.