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Dads - so darn cute it hurts!

Hubby is such a #prouddad.  You see all the heart eyes leaping out of his face every time he looks at his little girl. His regular response to those who verbally hit him with the proud dad hashtag is 'yup, I think my daughter is the best thing on the planet and so I should, every parent should, if you don't - change your 'tude'.

He makes videos for her to watch while he is away engaging in pretend conversations with her - it is the best! She wakes up every morning and watches them on my phone.  It makes her giggle so much. 

He turned to me the other day as we coffee'd, walked hand in hand and stared at our sleeping angel in her pram and said 'I'm so jealous of her'.  I was shocked - why would he be jealous? Wtf - this didn't make sense?  Where was he going with this?  Those thoughts clearly jumped right off my face because before I could verbally respond he laughed and said 'I mean, I'm so jealous of the life she is going to live - I'm going to give her the world'.  SO DARN FREAKING ADORABLE RIGHT? I mean he still gives me butterflies but watching him be a dad - next freaking level!!!