A promise to my daughters.

I see you looking at me, I see you copying everything I do.

You are so beautiful my child, the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on. I tell you everyday...but, I promise to also celebrate your heart.

I will praise your mind and your kindness and I will loudly love your crazy little spirit and outgoing nature.

I will provide you a healthy diet but love every bit of the desserts I eat with you. I won't complain in front of the mirror about the Winter weight I gain each year.

I will love getting that blow-wave but also puddle jump with you in the rain and not fuss that it wet my hair.

I will compliment and praise other women out loud - for strength and kindness, generosity and smarts and freckles that tell the tale of endless adventures in the sun.

I promise to always be aware that beauty is wherever we see it and how we choose to see it.

I see you looking at me, seeing what I see.