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This Collaboration is with the incredible Maddy Connors, a beautiful Aboriginal woman.   A proud and strong Yorta Yorta, Dja Dja Wurrung and Gamilaroi artist, Maddy is the Founder and Creative Director of Yarli Creative.  

This wall decal collection has been created from Maddys incredible original artwork and the creation stories are as follows:


The sun rises on a bright future. Hope is in my hearts. 

This piece was inspired by my daughter Yindi.

Yindi is a common Aboriginal girl's name, and is believed to mean sun. Although there is limited information about which Aboriginal language group this meaning comes from. The word Yindi is also used by Yolngu people and translates to 'mother'. 

Our little sunshine will brighten any nursery, or look amazing as a feature piece in any room.


Yakapna (translates to family in Yorta Yorta) gathering.

The coming together of people is so magical in our communities. It sparks joy, life, engagement, and happiness. In these trying times, we have our families, our supports, our people, our connections to hold us strong.

The sun is warm and the love around makes us feel warm and whole. 

THE YULILA'S (translates to mountain in Yorta Yorta)

As a family we bind together to climb the mountains, to face the challenges, to create new opportunities and to stand as one. 

In the warmth of the sun we see the other side, we know there is a new beginning. The yulilas represent that.  They hold the knowledge, they hold the truth, they create challenges that we can overcome.  Almost like our guiding ancestors, lifting us up, showing us the way. Be strong like the yulilas.

You can find Maddy at yarlicreative.com.au 

    PRODUCT DETAILS (see images for exact pack components and size variations).

    * Quick installation - simply peel & stick (easy-to-understand application instructions included)

    * Large Hills s come in 2 pieces for ease of application.  They overlap by 1cm for a seamless join. 

    * Cut from specialised fabric specifically designed for home décor - removable peel and stick adhesive.

    * No Borders

    * Matte finish

    * Easily removable without causing wall damage (however, do not use on bubbling paint).

    Note: Wall must not be textured ie. concrete, rendered or brick wall. Only apply to a smooth, dry and clean surface.

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