Affirmation Cards - Happy thought cards for kids

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Happy thought cards for kids for informal fun to encourage positive thinking and self-love. Explain to your child the affirmations are like magic words, and if repeated often enough they gain enough strength to become true.  Perfect to begin or end each day with a conversation around how wonderfully and perfectly they have been made.

Covered in gold foil borders and stars - these luxe cards come in a pink set or blue set with aligned illustrations to that set.

Product Details. 

  1. Available in a blue set or pink set with aligned illustrations
  2. 33 cards in the pack
  3. Original watercolour illustrations on one side, bordered with gold foil
  4. Affirmation on the other side, bordered with gold foil and sprinkled with gold foil stars.
  5. Each card is sprinkled with gold foil luxe detailing.
  6. Packaging covered in gold foil - a perfect luxe gift. 

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