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LITTLE RAE PRINTS Here's to the mother's. To the boo boo kissers. Here's to the get up at 2am & warm the milk women, the bare breasted and nourishing life women, the give a cuddle for cuddles sake women, the 'we would do anything for the happiness of our child women'. You are greater than you know. You give more than you think you have & when you are bone dry you ring out one more drop, one more bottle, one more soothing of the temper tantrum with a heart so full of love it would burst if capacity to love had a peak. There is no part of your everyday wash, rinse & repeat routine that isn't significant. You give life to the beautiful rhythm of the day in and day out.

Here's to the mothers. Here's to brightening up your everyday. With Happiness. With Colour. With Art.
With Love. With Little Rae Prints.
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