Inspiring dreams is at the heart of my brand – creating a childhood filled with wonderment

Introducing Little Rae Prints, the home of the world’s most loved artwork for little ones. Born in the dark of the night, from the land down under (Australia), inspired by little eyes. 

Little Rae Prints delivers incredible original artwork turned into luxe Fabric Wall Decals (removable and reusable), Prints and Story Telling for inspiring children's imaginations and moulding big dreams.  Each piece is packaged with a touch of gold foil luxe.  Crafted, designed and created purely for the sparkle in their eyes......

A word from Summer Daniels...

One day, I’ll be the little old lady stopping you at the beach.  We all know her.  She smiles at your children as they run ahead of you, she laughs as they test your boundaries and locks eyes with you as you shrug your shoulders, smiling at the madness of a long day spent in the trenches with 2 under 3.  I’ll look at the young mums face and I will say ‘enjoy it, it goes so fast’.  Because it does and it will and I know. 

We only get childhood once.  Lets make it magic.

xo xo,

Little Rae Prints