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Flying Elephant

When pigs fly?! Now this I have heard you say, 'It's impossible, it won't happen today', But what about elephants? Now this could happen...... Because just changing your thinking can...
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Do you see the stars? Do you see the Moon? I dream of going there, not a moment too soon, Jump on my back, with my wings we'll fly,  Up, up...
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Elephant Swing

Higher, higher, I love swinging in the sky, My mummy keeps me safe but also lets me fly, With the stars in our eyes - let's go 'To the Moon...
From $30.00

Unicorn Duck

You are a swan! But I told you I'm not, I've got super powers - I'm a special little duck, I can fly to the moon, I can fly to...
From $30.00

Ever Elephant

 An elephant in a tutu, have you seen such a thing? If you dance in the moonlight - there is magic it brings, Ever pirouettes and curtsies, twinkling toes across the stars, Oh...
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Baby Unicorn

My baby is a unicorn say the eyes of every mum, Just look at that face and tell me you can't see one. With the stars in our eyes - let's go...
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Luna is a dreamer, looking at the stars and the moon, She sees what you dream and will meet you there too! With the stars in our eyes - let's go...
From $30.00
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