Mumma Friends - SO IMPORTANT

Mumma Friends - SO IMPORTANT

After a few months of very scattered catch ups and life getting in the way of actually having one, we managed to have a little mothers group catch up. OH MY GOODNESS - I did not realise how I have missed these ladies!!! 

As my little Miss transitioned from baby to a 'one-year-old-too-small-to-be-a-toddler-but-a-toddler-nonetheless', I found myself with so little time!! She required so much more of my attention and to be honest, balancing this business as it continued to grow way faster than I ever imagined and my husband being away was more difficult than I even realised. I got overwhelmed and had NO TIME. Time? What is that again?! I was exhausted with little motivation and just hanging out for husby to return. 

NOW - I feel ridiculous. I mean, making the effort to catch up with a fantastic bunch of girls and their bubs had us sipping coffee in a baby-proof house as our kiddies all played together and with the toys. We chatted, laughed and had fun on the ground, all in the same time of our lives, all incredibly busy and each juggling and sharing our own mama hood wins and challenges. Annabel slept the second I put her in the car, completely worn out and I got SO much work done having been completely re-energised! 

Sometimes you just need to do what's good for you and put some fuel in your love tank!

Motherhood can be incredibly isolating and one thing I am so grateful for is the mumma-friends I have connected with. Good mumma friendships make you realise your weird new world is all kinds of wonderful. If you haven't seen those ladies who make your heart sing lately, reconnect lovelies - it's amazing what a big wide beautiful world it is yet as a mother how small it can easily become!

Be sure to tell your mumma pals who have made your journey amazing, bearable, funny, silly and listened to your poo and milestone stories and felt the joy with you! 

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