ONE - A letter to my second-born on her first birthday

ONE - A letter to my second-born on her first birthday

*blink* this is 1. 

To my second born, darling, on your first birthday,

You are my little snowflake miracle who spent just over two years on ice before salsa dancing your way into my and your daddy's life. We paraded that positive line around our house, hop-skip-jumping with joy. 

The 9 months you spent in my belly were all waking up early, staying up late and scrounging for time. Busy. The life of a heavily pregnant mumma of a spirited 1 year old, trying to build her business with a husband away every second month was crazy. MADNESS. I was racing against time to get organised so I could ENJOY you. I worried about you so much in this time that I was certain you would be born a bundle of nervous energy. Then...........I met you; and all I saw was calm and happiness beaming out of your perfect little half moon eyes.  

You have been the happiest little girl from day dot, entertained for hours independently and exploring the intricate details of everything you find. You have taken your time with each milestone, in no rush at all - teaching me to just. slow. down. You are 11kg of  gorgeous, fair-olive-skin perfection, and absolute proof to me that every child is different....

Exactly what I did with Annabel to calm her heart just didn't work with you. Rocking you to sleep....'ha ha ha' is how you reacted, as though it was the most fun but least sleep inducing method I could try. Dark shadows and dead silence is where you drift off, thank goodness we don't have squeaky floors that wake you! You love your snuggles from your loved ones but you also love your space to sleep. I wonder if you'll be a little bit like your mumma. 

I often hand you a bit of what I'm eating and you devour it so quickly that I question where it went. You are a cheeky little foodie who loves everything she eats. Except pumpkin, you hate pumpkin and we have tried many times as it's Annabel's current favourite. Although you have all the heart eyes for your sister (and follow her wherever she goes) you are your own little person. 

We took you swimming in our pool for the first time at three weeks old - you loved it. As soon as your feet touch the water you kick so furiously with a grin so big that we can't help but want to do it again and again. You splash about in your paddling pool on the daily and determinedly throw your face under the heart skips a beat every time; but, you come up grinning and I can't help but laugh along with you as you do it again and again.  I was absolutely certain that your sister had the wild heart but as time goes on, I can see that it is beating just as strongly within you. 🐬

You have challenged me with sleep and I have felt a tiredness in the last year that I had never known.  When five of your teeth broke through in record time the grin you gave me dissolved six weeks of sleepless nights into an instant love puddle of tears. That cheeky grin is what I'll always fondly remember as the lines of fatigue (now etched deep into my forehead) start to fade. 

You have brown eyes. No wait, they are hazel! 'Oh my goodness, I think they are green'. We still aren't sure of your eye colour and even though you are on my hip every step of the way, I am so scared to think that maybe I don't know you as well as I knew your sister at this age.....

Life with two under three is a crazy fun, crazy silly and crazy busy dynamic.  All I have wanted to ensure is that is your foundation is forged from the same concentrated love that was given to your sister......I hope I have locked eyes with you enough, I hope we have sung and danced and giggled together enough and I hope 'enough' is more than 'enough' because I want you to feel that we love you no less than too darn much. 

You smile at the world without being asked - you are such are happy, happy baby and although you have needed a bit more attention in the dark of the night, I know that as I trace the shape of your face with my fingers and kiss that little nose, I love you with all of my heart, like I promised I would, when we wished on all the stars in the sky for you. You rounded out our family my little love and you are one whole half of the centre of our world. Happy birthday. Love Mummy 🎉💓👼🏼😘✨ This is ONE. 

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