IVF - My Journey Pt 5. 17 Weeks Pregnant

IVF - My Journey Pt 5. 17 Weeks Pregnant

Ecstatic to say I am 17 weeks pregnant and this time my second tri glow is REAL - not just glistening sweat beads on my forehead after the daily 'head hung over the bathroom toilet/sink/garden/bag/towel/whatever was closest'. 

My pregnancy with Miss A was tough.  I was sick everyday bar three weeks of the whole 9 months.  I didn't (and couldn't) do much.  At the time, after four rounds of IVF, I was so freaking grateful to be pregnant that I either didn't realise or refused to acknowledge how tough it was.  Instead, I took the daily bouts of violent illness as a reassuring sign that I was still carrying my precious bundle.  

Now I know 'nesting' happens in the last trimester but for this pregnancy, at 6 weeks, my whole body, mind and soul started expelling any source of energy that wasn't contributing to a healthy mind, healthy mummy and healthy family. Having a FIFO husband away every second month, a 15 month old and the everyday demands of running your own business isn't always the easiest combination and I was getting a clear message from this little lady in my belly that I needed to focus on what I truly needed.  

Becoming a mum for the first time is a crazy roller coaster of emotions and such a huge learning curve.  Finding your voice, your inner strength and the confidence to speak up and go forth into the world raising your children the way that you (and hubby) believe is best (and safe) is a process that should only be supported, nurtured and encouraged by those closest to you.  

Becoming a mum of two is going to present many different challenges I'm sure but my goodness I'm taking some learnings into this one, with the biggest being - making room for yourself and what you need to make your world go around is so darn important and absolutely necessary. Children vibe off your vibe and I guess the message I'm trying to get across is always focus on your own happiness and forget the noise. 

PS. This is how story time goes down in our house! 


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