My IVF final chapter - reflections after the birth of Everly Skye.

My IVF final chapter - reflections after the birth of Everly Skye.

It's a surreal feeling to sit here, holding my second baby girl, after having gone through such a 'different to what I had envisioned falling pregnant to be' journey to conceive her. She was a little embryo, the same age as my first daughter, yet frozen in time until we were ready to welcome her to this world. And how lucky are we that she decided to choose us as parents and give us that positive pregnancy test just over 9 months ago?!

Having placenta previa in my pregnancy with Annabel (now 21 months old) meant that for the safety of myself and my baby, I was scheduled for a c-section at 39+1 weeks. Thankfully, everything went smoothly during delivery and I had made it to delivery day with no complications (I took it verrrryyy easy in the last 6 weeks on 'almost but not quite bed rest'). With this pregnancy, I had considered my fertility issues, the previous c-section and the fact that my husband works on a month on/month off FIFO schedule and decided that to feel safe and comfortable, I would have a planned c-section again, despite not having the same issues.

Going in to deliver this time, I was much more nervous. I knew the enormity of love that awaited me, I knew the recovery I was in for, I knew what to expect on the operating table and I closed my eyes for almost the entirety of the process. Hubby was my source of comfort, holding my hand and chatting to me throughout. I don't think I said one word back. Silent when nervous type 🙋🏼. It was only when I heard her little cry that my eyes popped open. I didn't have to wait to see the breath because I heard her before I saw her. Relief. She's ok. I think every mother holds this fear until this moment.

The curtain was lowered and my second daughter was here - absolute perfection. Tears. I waited the brief moments (that feel like eternity) for her to be placed on my chest. 'Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou' to the stars that aligned to give me two perfect little girls from an IVF process that had me so fearful three years prior that I wouldn't have children.

As it turns out, we were given some tough news that now it would be much harder for us to have more children. Three years ago my heart would have audibly broken upon hearing this news; however, on this day, in recovery minutes after delivering my second child, I couldn't feel more blessed. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

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