Purposely Pink - Long Nights and Short Years in Everly's Nursery

Purposely Pink - Long Nights and Short Years in Everly's Nursery

The decision to have a second baby girl before my first had turned 2 was one made with eyes wide open, staring 'sleeplessness' and 'tired' in the face and just taking it on. I NEEDED a space that made me feel good, because I knew 'the nights would be long (and the years short)'.  This need to feel good as a mother is a sentiment echoed throughout my brand Little Rae Prints and completely inspires my artwork.  I want to enable mothers to create affordable spaces for their children that feel luxurious, beautiful, and in turn, give some degree of extra comfort - in the late hours, the early hours and the in between hours spent tending to their little ones needs. And I am no exception.  

Knowing it wasn't ALL about me - we went with PINK walls! When else can you incorporate SO. MUCH. PINK?! This was my only opportunity - so I went all out.  A feature wall provides the perfect backdrop for Little Rae Prints to ‘pop’ and because we used a lot of art, we also used a lot of pink wall.   Ever Elephant and Unicorn Duck 50 x 70cm prints went above the changing table - perfect for inspiring little eyes when you change nappy number ten for the morning.  


Everly was/is my little baby (now ten months) and when I’m relaxed, she is - so her space was all about being light and bright with fun, simple activities and toys to entertain Annabel (2) when Everly needs my attention. I have different Little Rae Prints on every wall and each provide their own magical element, which enhance that soft, loving ‘heart full’ feeling you often have with your babies around you!  

We decided to put Carousel Unicorn and Carousel Swan at 'baby eye height' and watching both girls eyes open in wonderment as they play and interact and enjoy the art themselves made me question why we don't do this more?! Its freaking adorable! 

It is really about creating that space been reality and dreams -  encouraging the magic that comes to children so easily, letting them be little. 

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