'The Pink Unicorn in the Sky Mummy' - a glimpse into Annabel's Room

'The Pink Unicorn in the Sky Mummy' - a glimpse into Annabel's Room

'The Pink Unicorn in the Sky Mummy' - this is how my two year old starts her bed time story telling routine every. single. night. We all know they love repetition right?! And it is so darn cute.  This evolves into magical 'green and red and purple unicorns too mummy' and 'rainbows so pretty mummy' and 'swans flying so high mummy' and 'I love the unicorns mummy'....it is my favourite time of the day with her.  I read her a book (or 3) and then let her tell me stories.  They are filled with such magical innocence my heart could just burst. IMAGINATION. It really is just beautiful.

My girls rooms are covered in my art!  I worked with Bel from Petite Interior Co on a brief for Annabel’s room that was completely inspired and designed around our Elody and Odette 50 x 70cm prints. She nailed it! 

Annabel’s room was created to entice her into the ‘big girl bed’ prior to the birth of my second daughter.  We hung the huge magical prints that feature a unicorn and swan and lots of twinkling lights to give her that WOW moment and make her fall in love with the space. She jumps into bed under the ‘twinkling lights’ each night with the unicorn and swan incorporated into the story telling - making sure she dreams and dreams and dreams. 

So much love was been poured into creating this space - my heart was desperate for her to know how loved she was and instead of feeling like a 'new baby was on the block', I wanted her going to sleep feeling like her room was giving her big warm, sparkly cuddles - intentional comfort and magic. Her room is so magical, fun and incorporates my art (Little Rae Prints) as the statement pieces. We naturally spend so much time in these spaces - sleep routines, play time, reading etc, it was so important for us to feel good in here. And we do.  And she does.  And that is everything. 


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