To Princess Annabel on your third birthday

To Princess Annabel on your third birthday

You have barrelled into 3 with the statement ‘I’m a cheeky girl’, swinging your hips from side to side and giggling. Our very own pint sized entertainer.

Pink, pink, pink. You have us all well trained. Kudos to the kid who knows what she wants and god help the person who gives you the blue dinner plate. Our house is becoming pinker by the day.

Two weeks ago you jumped out to me in the pool and swam half the length. I think my heart almost burst from pride. You love to swim and I’ve loved swimming with you every afternoon this summer.

You still have your dummy. It gives you great comfort. You’ll give it up when you are ready. Maybe by 4?

Teachers and babies are your games of choice. You also love to paint and dress up in tutus, mummy’s shoes, wear crowns and wave wands. You. Are. A. Princess. Every day. And you’ve started wearing your ballet shoes to sleep (I think I’d better look for a dance class).

Watching you play with your sister shines a bright light on your gentle, caring and loving personality. I’m so proud to be your mummy. You help her put the shapes in her little learner house and make sure she has a baby for her pram too. I pretend not to see as you get into a little mischief (but I draw the line at letting you take her toilet training into your own hands 😳🤣).

You are constantly telling me ‘my daddy’ stories.....he is part of your everyday narrative even when he is away at work...I repeat these little tales and hear his heart smiling through the phone. 

You require endless cuddles to get through a day. It’s the greatest thing in the world to indulge. I feel so lucky to be so loved by you.

I’ll say left and you’ll go right. I knelt beside you last night to ask you what was going on you screamed so loudly and so fiercely in my face that my hair bounced from the force of your breath. I was so shocked I laughed. Then you relaxed and laughed. It taught me a big lesson. I don’t want to go head to head with you. Next time, I’ll try to show you how to yell at the moon instead of mummy’s face when your feelings of frustration overwhelm you.

At night, you list everyone you know and tell me how much they love you. Nothing makes me happier to hear. Except maybe when you roll over and cuddle me and whisper ‘mummy, I think you are my best mummy in the whole wide world’......🙈💔

This is three....(action packed, always adventuring, minimal clothes and requiring extreme athletic ability doubled with lightening moves to get a photo). 


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