To Annabel on your 4th birthday

To Annabel on your 4th birthday

To my sweet little Annabel on your 4th birthday,

You, my gentle little daughter, grabbed my heart the day you were born,  the most stunning little creature I had ever laid eyes on. You have been part of my world for 1461 days but it feels like our souls have been travelling together for millions of years. 

You speak with language beyond your age, such a clever little girl with an incredibly intuitive understanding and acceptance of every environment that surrounds you. Caring, kind and a complete extrovert - striking up conversations and making friends from 9 weeks - 90y/o everywhere you go. You continue to look forward with every step you take - you just have this world in your palms baby girl. 

Your brown, long, wild curls make my heart sing; there is something about the way you run, the way they bounce, the ringlets that dance across your face - that screams ‘I’m free’ and they are so so darn beautiful.  When you cried one morning a month ago because you didn’t have hair like rapunzel, I ran to rid myself of blonde and have my hair returned to its roots, because how could I possibly throw my weight behind my words of how beautiful you really are as your unique self without truly modelling it myself. You’ve taught me more about the importance of self love in your 4 short years than I had previously known in 30.

You have light feet - a true little twinkle toes, delicate by nature with a rhythm to music that’s in tune with the way you seem to effortlessly flow along with the natural vibration of life. 

You are a strong swimmer - the year of ‘3’ saw you become a fish. You bomb dive, forward flip underwater and swim the lengths of our pool with ease. 

Your little sister copies everything you do, she’s one step behind you with every game you facilitate, or bulldozing her way to be part of the ones you attempt to keep her from. This seems to delight and drive you crazy in equal measures. You still find your way to snuggle each other as you sleep! It’s the cutest love to witness. 

Your dress up collection grows by the day with family surrounding you who indulge the imaginary world and play. A true little princess - you go to kindy as Sleeping Beauty, play dates as Cinderella and your love of beautiful clothes ‘you look beautiful in that dress mummy, can you wear this one today too’ has me wanting to step up my game ;).  

You speak often of an old man that surrounds you and I now regularly have to say to what is my perception of thin air ‘ok Mr Man, she doesn’t want to talk anymore so that’s enough chatting for today’. We haven’t quite worked it out just yet but part of me holds comfort in the hope that my father (your grandad) is by your side, looking out for you every step of your day. 

I could write for days about the love your daddy and I have for you, the depth and beauty of your personality, the heart melting ‘big sister’ moments we so regularly see.....but I’ll simply finish this letter by saying that I fall more in love with your perfect little self every single day as your unique personality continues to brighten my world.  I love you my gentle little soul. Happy birthday 💓

Love, Mummy xoxo



















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