To Everly on your 2nd Birthday....

To Everly on your 2nd Birthday....

Dear little Everly,

WOW. YOU, my dear, exploded into toddler-hood in an almighty fashion. Many moments and actions have epitomised your personality whilst simultaneously causing my heart to jump right out of my chest. I have gotten wedgies, ruined phones, sprained ankles, grazed knees and screamed at a pitch I’m sure would break glass as I’ve rescued you from your death defying stunts.  You have taken adventurous to such great heights and for all of the heart-skipping moments, we couldn’t be more mesmerised and in love with your wild little heart. 

Your fearless determination is beautiful to watch but has also resulted in quite a few bumps & bruises & have already had 2 stitches through your eyebrow.  You have learnt to swim (for two whole meters on your own), can ride a bike when your feet barely reach the pedals, you’ve been scootering almost as long as you’ve walked and you jump - from heights that have caused aforementioned screams.  Until you exploded with language at 22 months, you were known as a little sharky, sinking your teeth into anyone that stood between you and your goal. Your vocal ability took a little while to catch up to your physical skill and patience is something we will continue to learn 🤣😅.-

You rejected your cot not long after your first birthday and demanded to sleep in with your sister. This has been heart melting to witness - I creep in most nights to take a little photo of you snuggled up in bed together. For all of your adventuring, you are also a sensitive little soul and love to be attached to your mummy or daddy in a crowd.   When you wander up and plant a kiss on our cheeks unprompted, I could bottle that feeling and live off the contentment for the rest of my life. 

You are still our little foodie - choosing to sit on my lap and eat my breakfast burrito and green smoothie over the pancakes and pink milkshake we ordered you as a treat.  You will devour all sorts of flavours and spices - your daddy and I share wide eyed high fives on the astroplane every time you dig into something new (not daring to draw attention to it out loud).  

Your personality is equal parts soft and strong - everything you do is with beautifully innocent boldness....walking forward completely unafraid. It terrifies myself and your daddy as your protectors but also emboldens us as your biggest fans. You my darling, are a little lionheart and we can already see that you are motivating us toward a lifetime of incredible adventures. 

We love you to the moon & back with all the stars in between. Happy 2nd birthday my darling. ✨💫🌙










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