SUNFLOWER Large Wall Decals

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Create a stunning SUNFLOWER FIELD look with our INCREDIBLE, hand painted large STATEMENT sunflowers!! These beauties can be purchased individually or in packs.  Hot tip: The packs = big savings. 

PRODUCT DETAILS (see images for exact pack size and components).

Individual Sunflowers come in the following sizes (see product image for the look of the specific sunflower that comes at each height):

  • 125cm
  • 145cm
  • 160cm
  • 185cm

They come in 2-3 pieces depending on Our Pack sizes are great value and have variations of the sunflowers listed above so you can create that "Sunflower Field Look".  Half Pack is great for a feature across a half wall! The Full Pack is perfect for a full wall feature.  We also offer 3/4 just in case you wanted 'in-between' the half and full pack. 

Styling tip:  Add Bee Wall Decals for some extra WOW.  Place different sizes next to each other (try not to repeat same size side by side). 

* Quick installation - simply peel & stick (easy-to-understand application instructions included)

* Cut from specialised fabric specifically designed for home décor - removable peel and stick adhesive.

* No Borders

* Matte finish

* Easily removable without causing wall damage (however, do not use on bubbling paint).

Note: Wall must not be textured ie. rough concrete, rendered or brick wall. Only apply to a smooth, dry and clean surface.

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