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Wisteria & Flamingo Wall Decal Set


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Full Pack

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WISTERIA WONDERLAND. A stunning statement for any wall with these HUGE floral and flamingo decals. The full pack is intended to for a 2.4-3m wall to give coverage across the whole space (with some gappage like pictured). The Half Pack gives a beautiful effect across a half wall and above a cot.  Use the cluster to peek out from a canopy or as a gorgeous little side detail to a wall.  Layer the flowers  — easily trimmed to suit any configuration to achieve a gorgeous look specific to your space. 

PRODUCT DETAILS (see images for exact pack size and components).

Separate wisteria pieces in a range of colours from soft pink to deep blush and white variations which are all 90cm in length and up to 27cm width. Separate Flamingos at approximately 20cm in height.

* Quick installation (easy-to-understand application instructions included)

* Cut from specialised fabric specifically designed for home décor

* No Borders

* Matte finish

* Easily removable without causing wall damage (however, do not use on bubbling paint).

Note: Wall must not be textured ie. rough concrete, rendered or brick wall. Only apply to a smooth, dry and clean surface.

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      • Ensure painted surfaces have undercoat plus 2 top coats.
      • Allow newly painted walls at a least wall 2 weeks to air before application.
      • DO NOT use on bubbling paint.
      • Surface must be clean, dry and free from dust, oils and grease
      • Wall MUST NOT be textured ie. rough concrete, rendered or brick wall.
      • Prepare your wall by:

      • Clean wall & dry thoroughly. Allow wall to completely dry by leaving for 24 hours before applying decal.
      • Do not remove backing until you have worked our placement of decals on wall.
      • TIP: Use blutac to figure out placement on wall with backing first (Need Inspiration? Head to
      • Starting at top of decal, peel 10cm from the backing without touching the adhesive side. Stick this first 10cm to the wall.
      • Use a credit card to help firmly and smoothly stick the decal to the wall
      • Be sure to keep the backing so that if you remove, the wall decal remains protected.